Work on the Road 2.2

Work on the Road 2.2

The Work on the Road course is aimed at employers, managers, supervisors, safety officers and other personnel involved in systematic work environment management activities. Roadworks are governed by various laws and ordinances, both in relation to safety as well as demands regarding rapid implementation. If the demands for safety and rapid implementation cannot be combined, safety must always take precedence. In this context, safety applies both to personnel on the site of the roadworks as well as road-users on the road itself.


In January 2019, the Swedish Transport Administration tightened up the skills requirements for personnel working on the roads. The new contractual demands TDOK 2018:0371 form part of the work aimed at improving safety at workplaces situated in traffic, as well as reducing the number of accidents.

Work on the Road 2.2

Skills requirements for marking officer (marking at a fixed roadworks site and acting as group manager for mobile and intermittent work). Also applies to personnel within the Health & Safety Coordinator for Planning’s and the Health & Safety Coordinator for Execution’s areas of responsibility with a responsibility undertaking. This level must be updated after 5 years.

Skills requirements for guards, pilots and individuals responsible for traffic signals.

  • The Swedish Work Environment Act and its regulations
  • The employer’s responsibilities
  • Working methods and risk analysis
  • Personal protective equipment
  • The positioning of vehicles on the road
  • In-depth knowledge about the roadworks
  • Drivers of vehicles with protective function
  • Rules for drivers of road maintenance vehicles
  • The Traffic Ordinance
  • The Road Sign Ordinance

For individuals working in

This course is aimed at employers, managers, supervisors, safety officers and other personnel involved in systematic work environment management activities.


Level 1 must be updated after 15 months, and levels 2 and 3 after 5 years.

Prior knowledge requirements

According to the Swedish Transport Administration’s procurement conducted on 1 October 2006, the following training requirements still apply when an individual is working on or adjacent to its roads:

  • Safety on the road (after the first hour worked)
  • Environment (after 100 hours worked)
  • Help on the road (after 100 hours worked)
  • Marking officer (must always be on site during active work)
  • Guard training (during work as a traffic guard/signal guard)


Registration is binding and the billing of course fees takes place within two weeks following registration. If you need to cancel your participation in the course, we have to receive the cancellation seven working days prior to the start of the course.

In the event there are insufficient registered participants or in case of some other valid reason, such as the course leader becoming ill, we will get back to you with alternative course dates. If you cannot find a suitable date and you are a group of around ten people, we are happy to consider an alternative arrangement specifically for you.


  • SEK 6,500 (per person) excl. VAT
  • Two days of training (incl. lunch) 07.00-16.00
  • The course will be held in Swedish. Do you want it in English? Please send us an email to



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